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Hardwood Floor Installation in Queens, NY

Fill any room with character and warmth when you invest in wood flooring that is installed by an experienced contractor. Floors By Hector specializes in hardwood floor installation in Queens, NY. With so many factors to consider, it just makes sense to hire a group that is focused on this type of flooring.

Our teams arrive at your job site with the tools and training needed to get these floors installed correctly. When you choose a particular species of hardwood, it’s important to know the rate at which it will expand and contract when exposed to moisture. Different species expand at different rates, so this type of experience makes a big difference in the overall success of your project. 

Hardwood Floor Stair Installation | Elmont, NY
Hardwood Floor Installation | Elmont, NY
Hardwood Floor Installation | Elmont, NY
Parquet Floor Installation | Elmont, NY
Floor Finish In Progress
Shiny Stained Floor
Unfinished Stairway
Finished Stairway

A Flooring Contractor That Gets Results

When you install a new solid hardwood or parquet floor, you need to choose the right contractor for any resurfacing you plan in the future. Our team’s attention to detail shows when your floors need to be resurfaced for an interior remodel. 


We take the time to stain and varnish all base moldings, stairs, and railings for stairs. When you decide to redecorate, wood flooring is a great foundation to build from. 

Take Your Deck to the Next Level

In addition to our work installing laminates and staining solid hardwood, we also stain and weatherproof exterior fencing and decks. After a harsh winter season, you can have your deck looking as good as new once you call our team for service